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Environmental Simulation Testing

Almost all products are exposed to environmental influences such as temperature, climate, air pressure, water, as well as mechanical stress during their product life (e.g. for transport, during storage and at its later use). In environmental simulation tests can be tested already in the development phase, whether a product later withstands the external influences and will work as intended, with the aim of early detection of potential weaknesses and thus to avoid later costly failures, complaints and product recalls. We simulate a variety of foreseeable environmental conditions in our laboratory and check that your product will withstand these conditions and function reliably in its future operating environment.


Lifetime tests simulate the life cycle of the product in a very short time and can thus provide information about the reliability of a product in practical use and possible failures.


This means that components that are prone to failure can be replaced by more robust components and products can be improved.

The competence of our testing laboratory is monitored by the German Accreditation Body GmbH (DAkkS). We support you in the creation of a test plan tailored to your requirements, both for normative tests and for development tests. Please introduce us to your product.

Tests for environmental simulation

Climatic Tests

  • Temperature (Cold, Dry heat, Change of temperature)

  • Climate (Damp heat, climate change)

Mechanical Tests

  • Vibration (sine vibration, broad-band noise, Mixed-mode vibration test, Sine-on-random, Resonance search)

  • Mechanical shock

  • Free fall

Combined Tests

  • Vibration and shock in combination with climate (temperature and humidity)

Further Tests

  • IP protection (IPXX)

  • low / high ambient pressure

We are able to perform tests for a variety of test items, such as assemblies, components and devices from the fields of medical technology, automotive, rail, shipping, industry, consumer, outdoor

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Some basic standards
  • IEC 60068-2-1         Test A: Cold

  • IEC 60068-2-2         Test B: Dry heat

  • IEC 60068-2-6         Test Fc: Vibration (sinusoidal)

  • IEC 60068-2-14       Test N: Change of temperature

  • IEC 60068-2-27       Test Ea: Shock

  • IEC 60068-2-30       Test Db: Damp heat, cyclic (12 h + 12 h cycle)

  • IEC 60068-2-31       Test Ec: Rough handling shocks, primarily for equipment-type specimens

  • IEC 60068-2-38       Test Z/AD: Composite temperature/humidity cyclic test

  • IEC 60068-2-51       Test Z/BFc: Combined dry heat/vibration (sinusoidal) tests

  • IEC 60068-2-55       Test Ee: Loose cargo testing including bounce

  • IEC 60068-2-64       Test Fh: Vibration, broadband random and guidance

  • IEC 60068-2-67       Test Cy: Damp heat, steady state, accelerated test primarily intended for components

  • IEC 60068-2-78       Test Cab: Damp heat, steady state

  • IEC 60068-2-80       Test Fi: Vibration - Mixed mode

Some product standards
  • EN 50155

  • IEC 60529

  • ISO 16750-2

  • ISO 16750-3

  • ISO 16750-4

  • MIL-STD-810

  • RTCA DO-160

  • IEC 60945

  • EN 15964

  • EN 16280

  • EN 50436-1

  • EN 50436-2


  • OIML R 126

  • CSA Z627

Railway applications - Rolling stock - Electronic equipment

Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)

Road vehicles - Part 2: Electrical loads

Road vehicles - Part 3: Mechanical loads

Road vehicles - Part 4: Climatic loads

Department of defense – Test method standard for environmental engineering considerations

Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Airborne Equipment

Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems

Breath alcohol test devices other than single use devices - Requirements and test methods

Breath alcohol test devices for general public - Requirements and test methods

Alcohol interlocks - Part 1: Instruments for drink-driving-offender programs

Alcohol interlocks - Part 2: Instruments having a mouthpiece and measuring breath alcohol for general preventive use

Model Specifications for Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices (BAIIDs)

Evidential breath analyzers

Breath alcohol ignition interlock devices

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