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Services of CEcert GmbH

CEcert GmbH, based in Wismar, was founded in 1999 as a test laboratory and product certifier and offers development-related services and product testing in the following areas:

> Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

> Electrical Safety (SEB)

> Environmental Simulation Testing (KMF)


CEcert offers tests and tests in the following areas:

  • Process measuring and control technology

  • Electro-medical devices

  • Information technology facilities

  • Car accessories, electr. components

  • Telecommunications technology

  • Household appliances

  • Environmental engineering

  • Medical engineering

  • Power tools

  • Machinery and equipment

Our Service


  • Creation of a detailed requirement profile

  • Coordinated test plan

  • Product testing during development

  • Compliance testing

We also come to you for testing

  • Tests of your devices on site

  • Measurements for large devices and machines

  • Suppression of your devices and systems


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